Let us now praise Charlotte Moore. Praise her for warmth, depth, stillness, and a single malt voice that pours forth rich and true.
— Richard Ouzounian in the 'Toronto Star'
Most memorable is the sole woman, Charlotte Moore, who offered some brilliant reinterpretations of a couple of Rogers’ classics. On “White Squall”, she sings...with such subtle intensity that we were both in tears at the end.
— Kerry Corrigan from 'The View'
One can always pass the time in slower moments by doing something useful, like falling in love with CM, a singer and actress who never comes out of character for a second and is outstanding among four excellent performers.
— Wayne Edmunston from the 'Vancouver Sun'
The sweet purity of Charlotte Moore’s wail, laid raw and bare.
— Gary Smith from 'The Hamilton Spectator'
— Henry Meitkiewicz from the 'Toronto Star'
Miss Moore is a splendid ballad singer...a crazy, but solidly grounded, mock femme-fatale...Joyous energy.
— Carol Corbeil from 'The Globe & Mail'
Let me rave for a moment about Charlotte Moore. She is one of those Musical Theatre Performers who sings with her heart and her head constantly. She creates this little drama with each song that she presents - and she’s a wonderful comedy performer. She’s also a really moving performer - she’s really top notch.
— Jon Kaplan from the 'CBC Radio'
Moore’s is a powerful and beautiful voice. A real show-stopper.
— Maureen Peterson from the 'Montreal Gazette'
The ever vivacious CM, with that powerful voice and razor-sharp comic timing...
— Ray Conologue from 'The Globe & Mail'
Charlotte Moore’s “Mama Rose” is a marvel, a one-woman whirlwind of energy, passion and good cheer. Moore’s voice is more than capable of handling the demanding tunes - and her stage presence is commanding and confident. She’s the perfect “Mama Rose”, a role that can only be delivered by a very small cadre of extraordinarily talented actresses.
— Ron Foley MacDonald from the 'The Daily News,' Halifax

For the CD "Friends of Mine"

A must for any fan of Canadian Musical Theatre.
— Gary Smith from the 'Hamilton Spectator'
A rare find. Moore treats each one with tender loving care and the result is wholly endearing.
— Richard Ouzounian from the 'Toronto Star'
An exquisite, jazz-infused collection of Canadian Theatre Songs performed with great gusto and intoxicating passion by Moore.
— Kamal Al-Solaylee from 'The Globe & Mail'